Unanswered Questions

Will England survive without Scotland? What currency will it use? Will is stay on the UN Council? What will happen to its EU relationship? Will its military protect it from Viking invasion? These are all good questions for some other time.

We demand absolute certainty of the future in Scotland. Of course the arrogant Green Party, over confident Nationalists & hippie Socialists refuse to tell us the future.

Here are 20 unanswered questions that YesScotland refuse to answer.


1) Where will Scotland gets its air from after 2014?  #unanswered

2) How will we work out what happens after Independence? An election or something? #unanswered

3) Batman or Superman? Another question #unanswered

4) Will Scotland introduce a porridge subsidy after 2014? #unanswered

5) Does God exist? #unanswered

6) Will Scotland win the world cup? #unanswered

7) Once Scotland is poorer, who will do the shopping? #unanswered

8) What side of the road will Scots drive on after 2014? #unanswered

9) Will Scottish TV remain in colour? #unanswered

10) How many Scots will it take to change a light bulb? #unanswered

11) How will Scotland organise compost after 2014? #unanswered

12) Richard Dawkins has attacked @YesScotland over unanswered solar system questions #unanswered

13) What if, after Independence, politicians run out of things to do? #unanswered

14) @YesScotland fail to predict the future before it happens. #unanswered

15) Hugh Macdiarmid’s real name was Christopher Grieve. What else are the SNP hiding? #unanswered

16) Will replace Greenwich Mean Time with Glasgow Mean Time & everyone will be late or early? #unanswered

17) What will replace British Summer Time? Separation times? #unanswered

18) How much will Alec’s statue cost? #unanswered

19) Will it still be called an ‘English Breakfast’? #unanswered

20) Why do you evil nats hate other people? #unanswered


7 Responses to Unanswered Questions

  1. Matt O'Neill says:

    Reasonable questions in a Unionists world.

  2. Jam_Slav says:

    These questions will only be answered when (and if ) Scotland becomes independent! There is no nationalist sitting right now with a crystal ball, answering these stupid questions! Unionists…does David Cameron pay you to try and poison the UK with lies to scare Scotland? I hope not

  3. Ask the BBC they know what Labour thinks.

  4. Pa Broon says:

    You missed; will do our own shoe laces up after 2014 or will there be a velcro subsidy?

  5. Colin Dunn says:

    OK if I use some of these excellent questions on my http://www.indyposterboy.info posters?

  6. Pat McClay says:

    Someone genuinely asked me #8 on twitter a couple of weeks ago and was indignant when I thought it was a wind-up.

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