Society & Media Together

The British Government has created a fair & equal society.  It protects education, healthcare & benefits for all citizens. It is compassionate about the vulnerable. From the disabled to asylum seekers we provide generous cuts, ATOS trials & dawn raids. We must safeguard this caring welfare system, its community & the positive media culture which supports it.

Below are 25 reasons to support the British Government & its media allies.

We’ve had it with you Politicians/You bloody rich kids never listen/There’s no such thing as broken Britain/We’re just bloody broke in Britain/What needs fixing is the system/not shop windows down in Brixton


1) #bettertogether Labour campaign will be powered by Keir Hardie turning in his grave.

2) Maggie Thatcher to return 1000 pints of children’s milk in Scottish solidarity gesture

3) Votes at 16? What’s next? Votes for Women & poor people?

4) Labour abandoned three education as you only need one

5) “Would you choose a Scotland where 20% of the children live in poverty, as they do today?” #bettertogether would

6) The audacity of Doctors to strike against the Government. After Cameron has done so much; and Doctors do so little.

7) The UK Government love the NHS so much that they want to cut it up into little pieces & sell it to their friends.

8) Independence parties want Scotland to run its own affairs. They have no respect for the sanctity of marriage.

9) @YesScotland campaign are not being honest, Nick Clegg told an angry mob of students

10) Renewable energy threatens our proud tradition of wasting energy by burning things.

11) The UK Home Office carries out raids & evictions of Refugee families in Glasgow. That’s Home Office Justice.

12) We’re #bettertogether with ATOS bullying the disabled.

13) Wind farms are destroying our view of nuclear submarines

14) We’re all in this together. We caused it. You’ll pay for it.

15) An Independent Scotland will have no one to teach it to talk properly

16) The House of lords is to drop its capital L to be in keeping with current austerity.

17) Marxist-Tories have joined #bettertogether in their thousands in support of a Tory-New Labour society.

18) A rival arts campaign to National Collective will launch, claiming Scotland’s culture is “too parochial”


19) #bettertogether to embrace ‘Parcel O’ Rogues’ image

20) Ed Miliband has apologised for the Labour Party.

21) Galileo has phoned ITV & BBC to complain that England isn’t at the center of the universe #euro2012

22) Galileo’s complaint to BBC Sport has been upheld by OfCom

23) #bbcscotland to provide #indyref balance by sitting on a see-saw between Lord Foulkes & Eric Pickles.

24) The Scotsman claims Alex Salmond has 10,000 bricks hidden in a shed to rebuild Hadrian’s wall

25) “Alex Salmond is less evil than we thought”, admit BBC Scotland after #leveson

Our Media Team

Our new PR man Rob Shorthouse got Strathclyde Police lots of good coverage after invading a University:


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