Identity Together

Britain is not like Scandinavia or the Iberian Peninsula or North America or Europe where multiple identities co-exist.  In Britain it is a choice between dangerous separation & happy unite with one, British identity.

Below are 25 reasons to keep the British Island together as one identity!


Ed Miliband’s Intelligent, Identity, Unionism: We English “Musn’t Grumble”



Cooperation vs Separation

1) Say NO to separation from an attached land mass! Salmond threatens the tectonic plates. Plates are #bettertogether

2) Independence is not about the SNP. It’s about separating very heavy tectonic plates. 

3) Separation has led to some of the worst freedoms in the history of Eastern Europe.

4) The people of England support a new Hadrian’s wall – on the grounds that it encircles Westminster palace.

5) Since 1905 Sweden & Norway have been permanently sad & lonely

6) Henry McLeish has separated from #bettertogether over use of ‘separation’

7) Despite valiant efforts Ed Miliband is still losing at Westminster immigrant bashing

8) The UK is like mixing haggis, leek, English breakfast & Guinness #tastyTogether

9) #bettertogether is like 50 Shades of Grey. You can’t see it, but it’s everywhere & everyone loves it. Honest.

10) The Tories will return from the dead & we’ll be #bettertogether

11) Hey I just met you & this is crazy but here’s my numbers: 1 Tory MP; 2 Scottish Pandas.

12) Artists Against Independence will meet in an Edinburgh phone box to discuss ‘separation in society’


13) #bettertogether announces its official policy to ignore Ireland when discussing the British Isles

14) Yorkshire to become ‘SouthNorth2theRight Britain’ in solidarity with #bettertogether

15) Czechoslovakia  is #bettertogether

16) Once we preserve the Union it shall be stored in a glass jar until the Empire returns 

17) 1707 was a shotgun wedding, but we should give it time to see if it works

18) Why are there 193 states? Travel would be easy with 1. “Where are you holidaying?” “Down, then to the right a little bit” #bettertogether

19) Ronaldo (West Iberian Peninsula) from Real Madrid (East Iberian Peninsula): model of geographical cooperation.

20) Blow to Independence as Canada & India re-apply to the UK

21) England’s draw overturned & Group D cancelled as Ed Miliband states UEFA must choose between England/Britain & Sweden/Scandinavia #euro2012

22) The SNP are xenophobic because they only live in one place at a time.

23) Alistair Darling casts doubts over #indyref claiming that there are not enough flag poles at UN headquarters.

24) Nations are best when they forget they are Nations & do not Govern themselves.

25) British Nationalism does not exist.


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