Economy Together

During an economic crisis – started in 2008 when Alex Salmond crashed the banks – we need to keep economic policies as they are.

Below are 25 helpful pointers that demonstrate the benefits of the Westminster Parliament & the economic prosperity it has brought us all, equally.  If these are not pacifying enough- Thatcher forbid – then view our Cynicism/Fear section to stagnate your mindset.


1) Don’t mention the McCrone Report.

2) Consider the catastrophe of Iceland emerging from its crisis with 3% growth, fraud justice & a renewed democratic constitution

3) The G20 announce that Independence is a bigger threat to stability than recession, the euro-zone crisis & austerity.

4) Cameron will give us extra pocket money if we vote no!

5) The global financial crisis prevents Scottish self-determination but no other nation’s because we say so.

6) Increased Whisky exports will cause domestic shortage

7) noScot is led by Gordon Brown’s bank regulator. 

8) indyref continues to cause instability in Greece

9) For Scotland to qualify for Euro 2016 it must join the €

10) Ireland kept the £ from 1928-1979 after Independence but it wasn’t Independent.

11) After 2014 England will separate from the world & keep the £ to itself

12) Treasury threats over the £ demonstrate a caring & mature UK Government

13) STUC to add the letter ‘K’ in honour of Ed Miliband: “We’re STUCK with Miliband until 2014”

14) We live in the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s. The UK Government has it all under control.

15) What are we going to do when the oil doesn’t run out? No one knows.

16) Don’t mention the poll tax.

17) Michael Forsyth is stockpiling gin & tonic for the coming Independence Apocalypse. Are you?

18) Scotland will be left with irn bru dregs & oat cake crumbs warn economists

19) Unionists warn that exchange rate from Scottish £s to English £s will cause confusion

20) Re-writing every world map will cost trillions of £s & take too long. That’s why we’re #bettertogether

21) Michelle Mone threatens to leave planet earth if Scotland votes yes.#betterOnEarth

22) Osbourne has promised Scotland after a NO vote, Gideon will treat us to a triple dip recession.

23) Council tax freeze will evaporate into an eternal ice age after 2014 warns the Telegraph

24) Some say say Westminster is out of touch. It’s not. It’s out of cash. Be patient & it’ll all be fine.

25) Jackie Baillie’s indigestion from drinking Whisky & Oil proves Scotland cannot have a healthy economy


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