Defense Together

For centuries the UK State has used its military might for peace & stability across the world.  We are not an ailing imperial nation chasing the coat tails of the U.S.A. into expansionist wars.  We must maintain our strong traditions, pay for Trident & perpetually wage war.  A Human Security Agenda for the 21st century is a threat to security & our profits from arms deals with the world’s dictatorships.

Below are 25 reasons to deal with critical separatists.

Warning Video Contains Graphic Images of Western Foreign Policy.

1) Don’t Mention Trident.

2) Don’t mention Iraq.


3) Scotland needs the UK to protect us from Viking invasion, claims Ruth Davidson.

4) How could Scotland protect itself from Iceland & Ireland without the British army? Vote No!

5) The Iraq War was shock & awe-some!

6) Alex Salmond has Weapons of Mass Destruction & must be invaded warns Tony Blair

7) #bettertogether will expand the war on terror to a war on rudeness, lying & all other negative concepts.

8) Unionists complain that a Scottish army will be unable to invade neighbouring countries.

9) An ultimatum has been sent from Lewick to the Faroe Islands: If the cod is not returned in 24 hours Scotland will invade.

10) Independence would destroy Faslane Peace Camp after 30 years

11) Britain & Greece: huge deficits & huge military expenditure

12) Britain supports human rights alongside our ally Saudi Arabia 

13) War bunting & arms deals with Gaddafi, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia are all sold separately

Trident Weapons of Mass Destruction

14) North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, UK: Team WMD!

15) Independent Scotland would bin Trident leaving us open to attack from Ireland, Iceland, Faroes & England

16) There is more power in the olive branch of peace than the mushroom cloud of war; but there’s money in Trident contracts

17) Our 225 Nukes can kill over 10 million civilians.

18) Scottish CND is obsessed with Trident. It’s only £80billion.

19) “These strikes are unnecessary & will cause disruption” said the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

20) Trident. What else would we use Scotland’s lochs for?

21) English Students will pay £9,000 in Trident Fees

22) Labour proudly standing shoulder to shoulder with ConDems on Trident in the House of Commons: that’s #bettertogether

23) Without Trident where will jobs come from? The economy?

24) If we don’t keep Trident what will protect us from the Soviet Union?

25) Conservative men will feel delighted at this huge phallic investment & be militarily endowed


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